Are Domain Registrations/Transfers Refundable?

Domain name registrations and transfers are non-refundable.

Because TiVaHost partners with a major registrar for domain name registrations, we must abide by their refund policies which states all domain registration sales are final.

Once you have purchased a domain name, if you choose to use a different registrar we are unable to refund any unused portion of your domain registration. However, most domain transfer extend the registration period of a domain by one year, meaning if you register a domain with us and choose to move to another registrar you do not lose your unused portion of the registration period, you take it with you.

In the event you allow your domain to auto-renew and did not intend to do so, we are unable to cancel the renewal and/or refund the renewal fees.

In the event that a domain transfer is not completed we can refund the transfer fees. We can not cancel a transfer request after it has been started, so transfer fees can only be refunded if there is a technical reason why the transfer can not be completed.

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