Setting Up OpenID Connect (Integrated Login)

Navigate to your cPanel login url, (Example. You should use the hostname of the server hosting your account) and there you should see a "Log in via TiVaHost Client Area" button (see image below).



Initial Login

  1. Click the Log in via TiVaHost Client Area button on the cPanel login page.

  2. You should be redirected to the TiVaHost Authentication and Authorization page.

  3. Login with a valid TiVaHost Client Area e-mail address and password.

  4. You should then see a screen like the image below requesting permission to provide the cPanel server the minimum amount of information required to associate the cPanel account and the TiVaHost Client Area Account.

    • This authorization page is only displayed the first time you request to login using your TiVaHost Client Area Account credentials.

  5. Upon clicking Authorize you are returned to cPanel.

The first time you do this you will not be logged into cPanel immediately. cPanel will prompt you for the cPanel username and password you wish to pair up with your TiVaHost Client Area Account, which was just authenticated and authorized.



Future Logins

On future login visits, clicking the Log in via TiVaHost Client Area button will redirect you to the TiVaHost Client Area, request you to log in, and then immediately redirect you back to cPanel where an active login session is auto-generated for the associated cPanel account.

If you are already authenticated to the TiVaHost Client Area instance when you click Log in via TiVaHost Client Area (either in the current browser session or via a remember me cookie), you will not even be prompted for login details and simply be redirected immediately back to the cPanel interface with an active login session of the associated cPanel account.



  • cPanel does not provide a mechanism, at this time, to associate multiple cPanel accounts (on the same server) to a single OpenID Connect Subscriber. In short, if you have multiple hosting accounts on the same cPanel/WHM server, you will only be able to pair your TiVaHost Client Area Account with one of those hosting accounts.
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