Using Hotlink Protection

The purpose of Hotlink Protection is so that people can't link directly to images within your web site. You want to prevent this especially if you have copyrighted images, or simply to save on your bandwidth usage. By directly linking to your site, they are stealing your bandwidth.

On the main page of your cPanel, scroll down to the section called Security, and click on the icon named Hotlink Protection. On the Hotlink Protection screen, if you see the message "Hotlink protection is currently disabled" click the Enable button to turn this feature on.

Make sure all your own sites are listed in the "URLs to allow access" box, so you are able to hotlink with your own images.

In the next box, list all the extensions, or file types you want protected. For example, you might list .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .png, .bmp, and so forth, all separated by commas.

Next, if you want to enable someone to manually enter the URL of a protected file, check the allow direct requests box.

In the next box enter a URL you want to redirect to, for anyone who tries to hotlink to your files and/or images. This could be something like your homepage, or an error page. Then click the Submit button.

This will take you to the confirmation screen, which will show you which web sites you have allowed to Hotlink, and the protected extensions.

To disable Hotlink Protection, simply click the Disable button.

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